Orange Helmet Podcast Start of Pre Season Addition

Updated: August 16, 2015
Orange Helmet Podcast

Th Orange Helmet Podcast will break down and preview every regular season Browns game. The show will be available weekly and will get you the unscripted ¬†breakdown of everything good and bad that comes with Cleveland Browns football. We won’t hold back and hope that the audience enjoys the informational podcast from two passionate life-long Browns Fans. This is the only non-franchise run Browns only podcast on the web, and we welcome your comments pro or con. Please enjoy and Go Browns!

In the first addition we review Pre-Season Game…

-Highlight the good, bad, and ugly
-Address the inability to run the ball and stop the run
-Give thoughts on Shelton’s early impact
-Talk about Brain Hartline and his stability to the WR position
-Discus the QB situation
-Provide thoughts on new jerseys

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