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Pat Mahomes and Baker’s Upcoming Contract

What does the Mahomes deal mean for Baker Mayfield and his future?

If you haven’t heard, the NFL has a new highest paid player in Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes signed a 10 year deal worth almost $500 million yesterday and he will be worth every single penny he is being paid. With an MVP, Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP to his name in only playing 2 years as the Chiefs. An impressive resume that few, if any, Quarterbacks in NFL have ever put together at a young age.

But what does it mean for Baker Mayfield and his future contract? One thing that can be said, definitively, is that Baker Mayfield will not be making $500 million over 10 years. But what else can it mean for Baker? To be sure, Baker can still get himself into a position to be very well paid in his next contract but Baker should not be compared to the contract that Mahomes just got, instead he needs to look further south geographically and East divisionally.

What Baker should be monitoring very closely is the contract that Dak Prescott is going to, we think, eventually will get from the Cowboys. Baker’s first year was very impressive, especially for a true rookie in the NFL. But by Baker’s own admission and everyone else’s eyes, Baker had a well below expectations sophomore season. If he turns it back around for his Junior season, then he can be looking ahead towards a massive contract that could be around 30-40 million a year. If he fails again, he could fall into Jameis territory where the Browns are look into replacing him and he goes to the NFL redemption territory.

To be sure, Baker Mayfield’s third season is pivotal to his future NFL success and his bank account.

Written by Dan Cooksey.

RealBrownsFans resident analytics nerd. Ph.D. Student.

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