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Making Sense of Mayfield: The Poll

As abundant and plentiful as pumpkin pie spice, Cleveland Browns fans are besieged by...

RBF Giving Thanks Browns Awards Extravaganza

The Browns won a convincing victory last Sunday over the Lions. I’m wearing a...

Reaction: Wyatt Teller Contract Extension

Cleveland Browns fans are on a wild rollercoaster of highs and lows this week....

Week Eight Browns Mailbag Ketchup

Welcome to the mailbag. The takes are unobtrusive and won’t overpower you, just...


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Week 7 Recap: Browns @ Bengals

Recap of the thrilling Bengals and Browns clash for the Battle of Ohio

Positional Breakdown – Cornerbacks

Will the highly drafted and highly decorated duo of Denzel Ward and Greedy Williams...

Browns rookies and the unprecedented NFL Off Season

Can the Browns Rookies make a Day 1 impact?

The AFC East RCF Mock Draft Review

Mock Draft season seems to be everyones favorite part on the road to the...


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