2019 NFL offseason thread


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Jared Lorenzen, he of many nicknames, Super Bowl champion and breaker of Tim Couch's college records, struggling for his life.

Appears to be infections/complications related to rapid weight loss...in other words, serious "damned if you do/damned if you don't" scenario.

Just saw on e-spin ticker that he passed away. At 38.


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The full Tyreek Hill audio is out; Roger is close to a decision.

IMHO everyone parsing the "terrified of me too" quote to imply that it was about him exposing her extortion rather than something more malicious on his part, is reminiscent of the "coach is anxious to know where it stands" email from Penn State.

In both cases, the quote "could" mean something more charitable than what it's accepted to mean, but the fact that we're even trying to parse it is a problem, and still paints a bad picture.

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